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Is my boss in love with me?

So I’ve worked for my employer about 2 and a half years now. He’s has always been very polite, professional, etc. He started paying attention to my eating habits and felt bad i wasn’t eating much so he offered to buy me groceries which i thought was so nice. He took me to the store and on the way there he asked me about my sexuality since i was a young woman in the south who lives by herself and hadn’t openly dated anyone in 2 years. I was very taken a back from the intrusive question & told him it was due to my plans on moving out of the state one day. He was very intrigued by this. He started offering to buy me groceries every few days and would even ask to take me to lunch and even to dinner. That’s when i was getting major red flags. He told me i was like an “oasis in a desert” and that i was different. He is in his late fifties and has a spouse and grown children. The day I finally snapped was when he knew I had a doctors appointment and i got there and he was waiting for me in the parking lot. That night i told him i felt uncomfortable and it felt inappropriate. He told me a month later he almost killed himself that night. He got me $800 in jewelry for my bday.  He claims he never had a daughter and i fill a void in his heart. He wants me to see him as a paternal figure and even texts me “goodnight love you.” 

He says he emotionally relies on me. I am very scared and don’t know what to do. Contacting HR would be useless it’s a small business that he owns. 

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    If you don't have the big business infrastructure to be able to deal with this that way you may wish to talk to a labor law attorney about filing a suit for a hostile workplace. This'll of course be complicated by the fact that you've apparently accepted all these gifts happily. 

  • Pearl
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    maybe but thats unprofessional

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