Improving audio quality in MP4?

Right now i'm working on some MP4 for my media player that i have connected to my tv. Right now the bit rate is at around 192 bit. Would it make a difference if I convert the MP4 to 256 bit before transferring them to the portable hard drive on my media player.


the audio in the MP4 video.

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  • Lance
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    1 month ago
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    Are you talking about converting MP4 to MP3 audio??? If that's the case yes the higher the bit rate the better 256 is probably acceptable for most people but I would use 320 kbps if possible that way you will be assured of the best possible transfer into the mp3 format that you can get at the present time...With a lossy format you always want to use the highest bit rate possible because you can always convert to a lower bit rate but never upward. Once you lose bits they are gone forever...

  • 1 month ago

    Converting 192 to 256 would not improve the results, 

    but it would minimize the damage done by lossy codecs. 


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