Is it possible to get 240Hz out of a DVI?

I bought the Nvidia 2060 super card and I find it stupid that it comes with a dvi output. The max I can push is 144hz at 1080p. My mother board has display port but im pretty sure my monitor has to be plugged into the graphics card. Anyway to get 240Hz????

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You give  "NViDIA 2060 super card" which is found on Google search by that name--  is this your card?


    Using the "dvi output" on the card itself might not be able to do higher than the 144 Hz.  If the monitor input port is only DVI, you should connect with DisplayPort and use a DVI converter to connect to the monitor.  Then if the monitor might be capable of 240 Hz, you might get that rate.  I doubt it though.  Have not heard of "DVI" doing 240 Hz.

    There are several DVI standards.  Your card has a DVI-DL port.  Its specs are here:

    "What DVI cable do I need for a 144Hz monitor?

    A Dual-Link DVI-D cable is capable of a maximum throughput of 144Hz at 1080p. Alternately, you can use a DisplayPort or HDMI cable."

  • 1 month ago

    I've never heard of a RTX 2060 card that doesn't have a DP port. Most have at least two. Most modern cards don't come with a DVI-D port, but EVGA and iColorful still likes putting DVI-D ports on their RTX cards.

    We'd need more details about your card. Are you sure it's an RTX 2060?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No. If you wanted DisplayPort, you should have bought a model with DisplayPort. In fact, you probably had to go out of your way to get a model without it. Or you bought an old card with a hacked BIOS.

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