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Regarding ayah 5 in surah mulk where Allah SWT says...?

...And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze. 

Ibn Kathir says in his tafsir that it is referring to meteorites and that they are made from the stars, but we know through science that meteorites have absolutely nothing to do with stars. I know we shall not judge quran by science since science changes but I feel like this is an excuse. Science cannot tell us 100% if something is right, but it can tell us 100% that something is wrong, for example that the earth is not flat. We know 100% it is not flat, but we cant say that it is round with 100% sureness. So what is the right interpretation on this issue? This is the only argument the kuffar use which I feel is hard to refute.

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    What is utilised from those stars is intense heat/light. We know that stars possess enormous amounts of energy in many forms but especially heat and light and since Allah's (swt) heavenly realm is the Kingdom of Light this is exactly what you would expect and the devils are pursued by a fiery flame which is noted as being bright to see. Bright indicates that it would be like light to us.

    (AYAH al-Hijr 15:18) But any that gains a hearing by stealth, is pursued by a flaming fire, bright (to see)

    I believe this means that in the spiritual realm this is a fiery flame but to us it would appear as a bright flash of light and this is a phenomenon which I have actually witnessed on a number of occasions and it is much more common these days as the shaytan grows in power along with all of his hordes. So when the devils approach people to lead them astray and give them glimpses of paradise or knowledge, to which they are not entitled etc. they are repelled in the fashion described. 

    I am not sure there is actually a translation of the word used which fits perfectly since this is, as I have intimated, a phenomenon which is beyond our understanding so there is no sin in not knowing the unknown.

    The closest translation might be something like a sudden burst/pulse/beam of a supernatural entity/force/power caused by Allah (swt). It is a form of supernatural weapon/deterrent. Imho.

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    Ibn Kathir got it wrong perhaps.

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