I am searching for old Wuxia tv show?

So i don't remember much, i know it aired on TV back when i was a kid. So that would be around 15 years ago. The TV show had something like: Nine Sky or something like that in it's name. Lots of characters with long hair, though that doesn't really help a lot. I think one of the main character a guy became a criminal and tried to fight to clear his name. 

That's about it that i remember.

Possibly the TV show came out earlier than 2000's. Also the quality of it was good as far as i remember, though i was a kid back then so i could be wrong about this.

If you do not know what i am talking about, you can leave some suggestions for similar shows :D I kinda enjoy reading novels and such these days connected to this so might as well watch couple of shows :D Thank you.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    characters with long hair and one guy fights to clear his name...you think someone will know that?

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