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My buddy reeks?

I’ve been friends with this guy E for most of my life but over the past years I’ve really started to notice some nasty body odour around him. I’ve seen other people mention the smell around us and fan their face or wrinkle their noses. E doesn't really seem to notice though, 

I’ve tried mentioning it kinda off hand when we were hanging alone like “man something really smells like B.O, huh? Where that coming from?” E told me it’s gotta be from me, then he laughed a bit and moved on. I don’t want to make him upset, he’s kinda sensitive so how to explain to him he smells like a dead skunk won an onion and garlic eating competition, died by the side of the road and was left in the hot sun for a month?

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  • arther
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    1 month ago

    I have a mate like that when he comes around someone all ways comments get the degreaser and pressure wash him or asks him if he knows what soap is for. He can't get in my car ill never get that smell out and I can't go in his car because I can't stand the smell.

  • Dong
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    1 month ago

    You should make him upset for his sake. Having horrible hygiene is a problem that is actively hurting him and will continue to hurt him and its worth getting his feels hurt a little bit for him to go take a goddamn shower. It even does affect you personally so it's not like it's none of your business.

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