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How do I stop myself from doing this?

Alan, my ex husband and I are on friendly terms. We did not have any children. Two times in the last 3 years I ran into financial difficulty. I could not pay my rent or car payments. I called Alan and told him my problem and he gave/loaned (I am not sure which) me the money to solve my problems no questions asked. He never ask for the money back.

Another time my computer died and I ask Alan how I would get it fixed. He sent a repair tech out to fix the computer and when I tried to pay the tech, he said Alan had prepaid him for the service call.

My friends tell me I have to stop asking Alan for help if I ever expect to live on my on. I think that is probably true especially if he gets married again. However it is hard to get a loan from a commercial source and so easy to just call Alan and he will solve my problem no matter what the problem is.

How do I stop my self from taking the easy way out and calling Alan when I have a financial problem?


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    Easy, in order for you to allow Alan to do any more of these types of favors for you, you have to do him some sort of favor in return. Something that you absolutely hate doing. That is your cost of asking, not the cost of the loan or whatever.

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    Someone else, a man whose ex-wife is named Lisa, keeps posting this same thing.

    I would never take a cent from an "ex."  It's that simple.

    Try therapy.

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