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Why do adults enjoy fantasy films and books?

Fantasy is such a low-brow form of storytelling and involves things that aren't possible in real life, with outlandish characters and ideas. Magic is boring too since it can do just about anything and means stories lack tension. I can understand children being okay with these things, but surely an adult should be able to distinguish between such lowly storytelling and real narratives. You're meant to leave behind silly things at some point and become an adult, not get up in fantasy worlds filled with wizards, dwarves and *elves*!


I didn't mean to shame anyone, you can like what you like. I just think you should think about whether you truly enjoy it or if you just have nostalgia for the fantasy stories you liked as a kid. By all means, revisit them, but maybe when reading them to a child instead of on your own? There are far better genres in my opinion to spend your time with (dramas, comedies, historicals, mysteries, etc.)

Update 2:

The level of rudeness I've gotten for a simple question is disgraceful.

Update 3:

Best authors: Hemingway, Steinbeck, Twain. None of them engaged in ridiculous fantasy stories, none of them insulted the audience enough to put outlandish things in their work or bring characters back to life.

Update 4:

Just think of how many times in fantasy characters come back to life, how insulting that is to the audience and how undermining it is of tension. Maybe then you'll see why I *don't* like fantasy.

Update 5:

If you enjoy it, that's fine, but you have to remember that it's not *real* storytelling.

Update 6:

Why do people feel the need to escape to such outlandish, emotionally void settings? You can get a much better escape from reading a good mystery, comedy, or romance. Fantasy is a terrible escape, frankly.

Update 7:

Btw, three famous fantasies that bring characters back to life: Lord of the Rings, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Harry Potter. All of these are unjustly held up as 'great', when they use such cheap, disgusting tricks. I think it's clear it's nostalgia that causes critics to 'like' such bad writing.

Update 8:

Again, like what you want, but you can't tell me it's good.

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    Different strokes for different folks. I would not be caught dead with a fantasy book, but I am not the boss of other folks books. 

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    Why would so many consider Star Wars (4) to be a better movie than 2001 ?

    Because it's more accessible.

    LOTR CREATED the entire fantasy genre. How do you consider it to not be great ?

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    Don't generalize.     

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    You just shamed yourself being an empty robot, not me. 

    I truly enjoy fantasy and it's not nostalgia as I discovered it as an adult. 

    Why are you surprised of the answers? You kinda insult people having their own preference. Silly things? For you! This is totally your opinion only. And even if you were a literary professor from Oxford, I wouldn't care because I read what makes me enjoy that hour or two. 

    If you feel better about yourself reading Plato or Camus, well do it. I'm going to finish my book about the fallen angels. And I will enjoy it. 

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    You sound like someone who has very little imagination. Also, people, like me, read fantasy to escape from this world due to severe mental health. Just because you do not have an imagination, stop condemning those who do. If you do not like exciting, imaginative works of fiction, don't spoil it for everybody else. Your opinion means nothing. 

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    The reason that fantasy is so popular for both adults and children alike is that they offer escapism from work or school into a different realm.

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    What child is reading A Song of Ice and Fire/watching game of thrones? Also, why are you such an elitist pos

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    It's interesting that people snubbing fantasy often think it's all children's literature with wizards, dwarves, and elves... and let's not forget the dragons! Not to mention "magic can do anything" and why not throw in a deus ex machina while we're at it?

    All this really does is reveal how poorly read the critic is in the genre and how little he/she knows about it. I e.g. doubt any of my friends would let me read the last fantasy book I read to their children.

    Why does fantasy trigger this reaction, and why do so many feel the need to diss the genre or proclaim that they don't read or watch such nonsense when people who do talk about it?

    I don't like spectator sports, but I don't announce that I find it as mindless as watching paint dry when people start discussing last night's game.

    Why this urge? Why not just move on? Why such a strong opinion about what other people read? Why the judging?

    If reading fantasy means that you are incapable of being an adult, then what does that say about readers of historical fiction, or readers of crime novels? If you read 'Lolita', are you a pedophile?

    I love fantasy, I'm not ashamed to admit it's my favourite genre.

    The appeal? Tina described it the "what if?" well. Fantasy can also allow for a neutral platform, or a platform turned on its head, to explore relevant real life themes through different viewpoints and angles. Besides, I find it fun to stretch my imagination. Why not? Not to mention, some of the funniest books and series I've read and watched have been fantasy.

    I read a study once saying over 80% of SF and fantasy readers held a university degree (I'm one of them), and yes, it could be because we're nerds, but it could also be because fantasy can be quite clever. There are also studies that show how reading fantasy actually influence people positively regarding open-mindedness and the ability to empathise with others.

    But thank you for your concern, I can assure you that I am fine and fully aware of what I'm reading. If it makes you feel better, I also read other genres (including the classics and literary fiction), and I don't live in my parents' basement, sponging off their retirement money. ;)

    And I don't mean to shame you with this post, each to their own.


    If you're getting rude answers, then this is what can happen when you ask a rude question, and you did write:

    "but surely an adult should be able to distinguish between such lowly storytelling and real narratives. You're meant to leave behind silly things at some point and become an adult.."


    "I just think you should think about whether you truly enjoy it or if you just have nostalgia for the fantasy stories you liked as a kid."

    That is rude and condescending.

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    Trolling is a low-brow form of using social media.  Maybe you should try reading a book if you can't figure out the appeal.

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    It's ENTERTAINMENT. If you think it's all lowbrow you've not read very much fantasy.

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    The stories have tension.  The rules are just different, that’s all.  I get plenty of reality when I watch the news.  When I read, I want an escape from it. 

     But, by all means, keep showing me how “adult” you are by insulting another person’s form of entertainment.  

    Edit:  you’re complaining about the level of rudeness in the answers?  Lol.  Now I know you’re trolling.

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