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Should I leave my live in boyfriend of 6 years?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years. We recently moved in together. Early on on our relationship he cheated on me and we got back together after some soul searching, Last year I caught him talking to another girl he worked with and I knew he was cheating again. After finding her on social media I straight up asked if she was speaking to him and she denied it. We broke up for a very short period and he had confessed that he had cheated again and was seeing her. He left her and we got back together then eventually moved in. I just found out he never stopped seeing her, he's been cheating an entire year. I made a fake fb and confronted her and she said she was not sorry and that she loved him. My bf is where he is at life because of me, I referred him to my sisters work where he is successful. I'm heart broken that he could do this to me. I don't know what to do. Should I leave him or let him or let that girl have him. I'm lost


He broke it off with her and blocked her number everywhere. I threatened him he would be on the streets if he does it again. Was I wrong to give him another chance? Please be honest

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    Leave him but don’t let her have him either, ruin her life but don’t do anything illegal, get hervfired, maybe call her hib and report her saying whe is a communist 

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    Yes, leave him. Once a cheater, always a cheater. It's not like he is having a one time fling. He has also lied to you. He is not worth it.

  • 1 month ago

    Stop wasting time with this waste of space

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    No doubt about it, he is a chronic cheater and a liar to boot! There's more you probably don't even know about. Leave him and don't bother saying goodbye! He has totally disrespected you, lied to your face, plus *endangered your life. *How did he endanger your having a current girlfriend [for awhile now] who boldly admitted to you, when asked, that she is NOT sorry, and she loves him...with you and your cheating BF, now recently living together, when his other girlfriend finds out, she just might become so enraged that she'll do anything to get you out of the way. It happens all the time. 

    I just watched 20/20, or a similar type of show, where a a man's longtime girlfriend finally got pregnant. This man only had a brief fling with another woman. She fancied herself to be in love, so she went to the the home of 

    the man and his long time girlfriend, while he was away, shooting the woman and her unborn baby.

    There's many many more matter what excuses your BF makes to you, if he even bothers to, that he promises not to cheat, do not believe him. It's a guaranteed that his promise will be broken. Men who cheat repeatedly, plus having a long time girlfriend on the side, is proof positive that it wasn't just a one time event. He is never going to stop. Not worth your time, heartache and pain. 

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    Leave him and let her have him! He is clearly not going to change and has become too comfortable with your forgiving nature. In the long term, if you were to stay in this relationship, it will get harder to leave and you’ll start living in regret. 

    Let her have him! Let him betray her trust and break her heart

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    enough is enough leave him

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The final choice is yours to make.

    All I can suggest is you to get rid of him. If you do ever find another boyfriend then don't vouch, for him. He should be trying to get on his own two feet on his own.

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    I would say let it go because you gave him more than a few chances and he messed up every last one of them. I would let him go but also tell them how he is at his job because its unprofessional to date coworkers.

  • KFC
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    Breakup with that dirtbag he doesn't deserve such a nice girl like you,  you should just leave without e'en telling him and just block his number and block him on social media. 

  • 1 month ago

    Leave.   Hes been caught MULTIPLE times lying ans cheating.    He clearly feels comfortable doing it because he manages to get away with it for so long..  And you always take him back anyways.

    Ya, you wasted 6 years..   But dont keep wasting more time on him. 

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