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I attempted to save a baby sparrow and it died. Did I killed it? ?

I was on my way to do some grocery shopping this past Friday & came across a fledgling bird. It appeared to have fallen off a bird nest. It had some feathers, however it was unable to fly. Most people suggest to leave the bird alone since the mom usually  feed it until the bird is able to fly on its own. The only circumstances to take it if its in danger. The bird was in a middle of the side walk & road. In a very busy street in NYC. Therefore I decided to put it in a box and took it to my place. 

I did some research in how to care for a baby sparrow. I fed him baby food. I introduced some fruits such as kiwi and bananas. He was eating it as well. I decided to buy a cage. I got him a box of sand since Sparrows love to have sand bath. He was enjoying his sand bath. I bought some bird seeds. It had nuts, & sunflowers. He was eating some but preferred the baby food due to the texture.Friday, Saturday, & Sunday afternoon the bird was full of energy. I fed the bird baby food on Sunday morning & afternoon. I left some bird seeds in the cage. I went to do some errands at 2pm & returned at 8pm. Once I got home I checked on the bird. The bird was on the bottom of the cage and looked all disoriented. When I went to grab it, it flipped upside down. Lost its balance. The head was tilting backwards. I tried to feed it but the bird was unable to respond. It started shaking & took its last breath on my hand. It was heart breaking. Did I do something wrong? Any bird experts out there?

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    When baby bird fell he must have done some internal damage.  Though he was eating and appeared fine it sounds like he had a stroke or something similar, there’s no way to tell Without a necropsy, even then they are so small it’s hard to tell.

      We have day aged many small young birds and fed them seeds, baby food Beef mixed with baby  food rice, a little eater for hydration.  You must make sure they stay ears, out of direct sunlight, out of any heat sources or not in front of air conditioning or a fan stream. They can go into shock easily.  It’s also best to cover the box/cage at night which mimics nature best and be prepared to get up at 5 am for first feeding, at which you can die back in bed a couple more hours.

    Other than making sure baby bird keeps hydrated and making sure baby is warm enough snd is pooping okay there’s nothing more you could have done other than getting bird into a Wildlife center.  

    The difference they would have done eas possibly an X-ray and meds to help reduce stress/shock, either which could have added to the problem, but if bird was eating it doesn’t sound like it was a big issue there,

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