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Is the nursing degree hard ?

I'm starting a 4 year program nursing degree in September. What do nurses have to do? I decided to do it because it is a high demand job. 

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    A few issues here...

    Of course nursing is hard. Anything involving medicine/applying science to saving or prolonging lives will be difficult.

    I’m a little concerned that you’re going to begin this program and September, yet you’re on yahoo answers asking what nurses do. What do you mean what do they do?? You should have looked this up before registration. Next, you say you’re joining because it’s a “high demand career”. If that’s your only reason, you WILL burnout. Nursing is stressful. The demand is high because we have a sick/older population now, more than decades ago. Many nurses burn out/leave the profession and that increases demand. 

    Lastly, getting a job as a new grad isn’t as simple as you think it is. Many of us new grads struggled to find jobs, many of us applying to over 7 places. The demand is high, but they won’t hire just anyone. Especially into specialty areas. I’m lucky as a new grad to be in labor and delivery, but it was NOT easy, and I’m being watched like a hawk at work. 

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    1 month ago

    Yes and it's not an easy career either.  If it were they wouldn't have to use student loans to extort people into it.  It's a no from me.

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    Not hard the degree is but you can do certified courses of nursing. For that I am referring, AIHT Education is providing healthcare training courses for CNA. You will get certification for those courses so it will be beneficial for the job.

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    Everything worth having is hard.

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    1 month ago

    yes it's hard.......................

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    Not the best reason to start a career.....nor is having a complete lack of understanding what it entails.

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