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Blood When Passing Stool - What Do I Do?

Okay so a while ago I had a problem with genital warts perianally that lasted quite a while. During that time I was having freeze treatments that would of course leave open wounds in my anus that made me bleed when I went to the toilet. That was expected at the time, so it wasn't a problem. 

However the warts have been gone for a while now, and the bleeding still happens occasionally. It comes and goes. It tends to happen if I eat a particularly large amount of fibre in a day and have a larger poo where it must tear something. Which of course, once it's torn makes it easy to stay torn. It's not painful, and its only a small smear of blood on the tissue.

I do however, prefer if im not bleeding, and as a bisexual man will eventually probably want to put something in there again. So is there any cream I can use to make this heal properly, or perhaps some kind of exercise I can do that will strengthen the skin in that area so it no longer tears so easily?

I've had a feel around, I don't feel any warts or haemorrhoids, and I'm quite young still so with such a small amount of blood it's highly unlikely to be bowel cancer - so to me this seems like the only logical explanation. Thanks in advance!

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    I suggest making an appointment with your doctor and letting her examine your anus.

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