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I need help with my math homework could anyone help?

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  • Julius
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    1 month ago

    To produce 400 sets with Process A and simultaneously 0 sets with Process B. The total unskilled labor needed is 400 sets * 10 hours/set = 4000 hours. Now check the boundary condition. It says "up to" 4000 hours of unskilled labor. Does that mean strictly less than 4000 hours, or no more than 4000 hours? I can't tell. Now total machine time is 400 sets * 1 hour/set = 400 hours. The boundary is 1500 hours, so that is okay. What about skilled labor? 400 sets * 5 hours/set = 2000 hours. The boundary is 2300 hours, so that checks out. 

    Now fill in the rest of the table by calculating each time investment for each process. A process is viable if it satisfies the boundary conditions. Remember, each row is the total investment time in Process A and Process B. 

  • Ann
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    1 month ago

    I wish I could. Is there no way to contact the teacher? How about a Khan video or something like that?

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