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Really would love advice on this , IVF with possible endometriosis , what should I do ? (Please read ) ?

I am looking for advice on this or maybe even pat experiences . I am trying to get pregnant . All my tests came back that I’m good and no barriers , as well as my husband . My doctor suggested IUI and natural intercourse with meds and still nothing after a couple of tries . I thought I’d move on to IVF . My doctor said that he could search for endometriosis using laparoscopic surgery . Now I am deciding back and forth on either IVF or  should I do the surgery . My thing is that I have heard the surgery does nothing sometimes by that IVF will decrease your chances .i am stuck because of money , they are both not covered so I am thinking should I just jump to IVF and not try after that or do the surgery and just go natural . My doctor won’t give me this advice because it’s up to me but it is both costly . they told me chances would decrease for IVF but would that save me ? The thing is I don’t have any symptoms for endometriosis , no pain or anything . Yes I have heavy periods every now and then but that’s usually when I’m on the clomid /letrzole and the month after . My periods are normal cramps that hurt but nothing that I can’t handle . The only thing I think I might have is because we are so young and healthy that what could possibly be a barrier ?  Ugh We have been trying for so long and my patience is just running out 

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    How much scarring do you have? If you have a significant amount of uterine scarring from endo, the surgery may be worth the trouble (and your insurance may cover the cost, though you'd have to check). If you have minimal scarring, or you just don't want to do the surgery just yet, you could always try one round of IVF and see what happens. If it doesn't take, you could reconsider surgery again at that point.

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