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My wife was diagnosed with PMDD ?

My wife was diagnosed with PMDD. It’s so sever that for a week out of the month she can’t even take care of our kids. They are actually afraid of her. She’s the kindest, most laid back individual for 3 weeks out of the month. She works hard, she a great mother until a week before her period then she becomes a lunatic it’s gotten progressively worse after our 2nd child was born. The doctors tell us there’s nothing they can do. They’ve done bloodwork, they’ve tried antidepressants nothing is helping her. 

She has put her hands on me countless times during her week prior to her period, she curses at me, she curses and screams at our kids. As soon as she gets her period it’s like a light switch and she’s back to normal self. It’s like I’m dealing with a wife with a mental illness for a week out of every month.

 want to be there for her but I can’t take it much more. Our kids are now 8 and 5 and they see what’s going on. I never wanted to raise my kids in a violent household with lots of arguing. She cries constantly about this. I’m considering filing for divorce. I wanted to get the communities opinion on this latter. I’ve spoken to my wife and she cries and apologizes profusely.

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    I am surprised that, if it is actually hormone triggered, that there is no adequate control that the doctors can offer. After all contraception preventing the hormones producing the  period build up (like the Rod, Pill, etc) and thus its affects, would seem to be one possibility, as would a hysterectomy - only since symptoms are so severe. 

    If the main cause is the level pain she is in at that time, perhaps a  visit with a gynecologist's would seem to be a logical step,. to be investigated for endometriosis, or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, or similar.

    Or some sort of psychotic control drug as the mood swings so badly at that time. Unless she is using this as an excuse for bad behavior that she knows would be unacceptable at any other time? 

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    What worked for me is a big bottle of Vitamin B Complex. It's great for nerves calms u down and the brain isn't going like 100 miles an hour. When I was younger screaming at my kids I always told them as a single mom we watch out and help one another my little one grabbed the bottle and said mommy u forgot your vitamin b!!! I hugged him said I was yelling at them took three had some tea and was back to normal. U don't get hooked on them they are water soluble which means u pee them out and it looks bright yellow

     Yay. Grab her a bottle now and give her 2 with food never on an empty stomach. If she takes two a day when she gets her period she will be shocked as there are no morem mood swings. Doctors don't give us vitamins as they would be out of a job. B is good for nails hair skin no more headaches

     Magnesium makes u sleep so I'm taking one now. Get it with D. Love my vitamins.

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    Get some new doctors. Assuming she's finished having children the tried and true fix for severe PMDD is a hysterectomy. This is so common that I can't believe it hasn't been offered to her. 

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    Your wife needs to get a second opinion.  It is NOT true that she cannot be treated.

    But MY question - why ARE you subjecting your children to her outbursts?  You may be dealing with your wife with mental issues, but you (presumably) leave the house, go to work.  The children are subjected to her 24/7.

    The behavior you have described could result in the children being taken if an abuse complaint is filed.

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    It is completely untrue that nothing can be done about this. Your wife needs to get a second opinion from a good gynecologist.

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    The first treatment option for PMDD is generally birth control pills since it is a hormone related problem, not antidepressants. she needs a better doctor

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    Wow.  Before considering divorce, have you gotten a 2nd, independent diagnosis and treatment plan from a women's health specialist?  This might even involve an inpatient stay, where she's observed for a a day or 2 before the PMS and then during.  I mention this because it almost sounds like something neurological kicks in when her hormones are raging.   PMDD is like an enhanced form of PMS, but it doesn't create a complete monster.  It's also concerning when you say it's getting worse. 

    I'm sure this is the last thing you want to do, because it will involve some careful research, but for obvious reasons, you can't continue on like this.  Before taking any major steps, I'd want to be absolutely sure that something else isn't going on that might be easily treatable.

    I'm not sure what else to suggest.   

  • Leto
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    You need to get better doctors.

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