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When generating internet connectivity/WIFI, what resources rally get used up that make it so expensive?

For instance, we know that electricity generation requires a constant supply of whatever fuel is used as a raw material which explains the cost.

In the case of creating WIFI and other networks, what exactly is it that they use that makes networks cost so high?

Is it even a constantly fed resource or is it a once of input that doesn't need any continuous feed of raw materials other than occasional maintenance?

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    Many things:

    Provision of all the equipment that provides the connections to users.

    Installation and leasing of "trunk connections" between data centres.

    Network switches and routers to pass data.

    Web servers.

    Technology changes quite quickly and a good part of all the equipment needs replacing probably every 3 - 5 years in a lot of cases.

    And simply electricity - Google alone uses around 500 million watts to run their search engine servers, worldwide.

    (~ $50,000 an hour or so).

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