what does ssd and hdd in pc stand for?

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  • 1 month ago
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    HDD & SSD are the abbreviated forms of the common technology for storage drives.

    HDD = Hard Disk Drive...  This is the old standard technology, which involves rigid (hard) disks that have a magnetic film on it that's spins at a rapid speed.  Current drives run at a baseline of 5400 RPM (that's 90 revolutions per second), but there's high-speed versions running at 7200 RPM (120 revolutions per second).  These drives typically have higher capacities at lower prices because it's a mature technology.  HOWEVER, due to the moving nature of the drive, it will incur more gradual degradation of performance (as the motor spinning the discs wear) & failure.

    SSD = Solid State Drive... This is a newer technology which utilizes non-volatile memory for storage.  This drive is generally faster because there's no moving mechanical components to read & write data from it.  HOWEVER, this comes at the cost of lower durability due to more limited number of write cycles.  While the drive is more stable, performance degradation & failure is more tied to the number of writes performed on a particular part of the drive & more prone to sudden failures.

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  • 1 month ago

    Hard disk drive and solid state drive. Solid state is faster and less prone to shock damage from dropping, nor should it wear out as it has no moving parts.

  • 1 month ago

    Solid State Drive

    Hard Disk Drive

    Both are devices for long-term storage.  The HDD's work by having a series of spinning magnetic disks that are read and can write data as needed.

    SSD's have no moving parts and works like the storage in your phone or tablet, can also read and write data, usually at faster speeds.

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