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Cat constantly walking away when i pet her and/or licking her fur excessively? ?

I own a female long haired cat and she is about 11 years old now. Health wise she seems fine. I have noticed clicking when she walks but have started giving her supplements. She is able to run up and down stairs and can play with toys as well as jump on her chair still which is great. However the main concern is when i pet her, within 10 to 15 seconds she will move somewhere else or will obsessively lick her fur for a while. Sometimes even my hand for minutes. So why is she leaving me every time i pet her and why is she constantly licking her fur so much??

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  • Newton
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    1 month ago

    Check her claws. If they are excessively long and curving inwards, they would make clicking sounds by rubbing against the floor when she walks. If she is ill then she may not sharpen her claws regularly and that allows the claws to keep growing to excessive lengths. It is a sign she may have internal ailments. Animals try to act normal even though they are ill because an animal that looks sick in the wild will attract predators. When an animal is too sick then it will find a place to hide. It would be wise to take the cat to the vet to have an exam. If she has cancer of the internal organs, then she may act normal but she may neglect to take care of her claws. 

  • 1 month ago

    Sounds to me like you are transferring something from your hand onto her when you pet.

    May be it has to do with whatever soap or lotion you use

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