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Why are old wrestlemania so rare and expensive on dvd? BA: besides the network, is VHS the only way to collect older ppvs? ?

Does the network even have older ppvs like in your house, fully loaded, armageddon, and king of the ring? 


WM IV is 80 dollars used on dvd??? Lol

Update 2:

@Jim Crockett another rude answer. Dont lecture me boy. I was using vhs when you were in diapers. I have a handful of copies of wmiv on vhs. 

Original and from the 2 released collections, one of which which is crappier.

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    They really aren't.  You can buy a box set of all of the Wrestlemanias on DVD for under 70 bucks used and that's not a bad deal whatsoever.  You can also find the full VHS collection for under 50.

    It's hard to say what the network has anymore because they've become very piecemeal with what they put out lately, but that's mostly with other promotion's content.   I'd be surprised if you couldn't find all of the In Your House shows,  King of the Ring, or any past PPV you've mentioned on there.

  • You ever hear of supply and demand? Not only do I have a number of WrestleMania's on VHS. A number of years ago, WWE re-released a number of WrestleMania's, SummerSlams, Royal Rumbles and Survivor Series Pay Per Views on DVD's. WWE has those Older Pay Per Views you're asking about on WWE Network and they release them from their Video Library when they choose to.

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