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When am I most likely to ovulate this month?

I know it’s my body and i only knows what goes on in my body but I just want to hear other people opinions! 

Last period - June 20-24

Average cycle - 29 days (Sometimes 28 or 27)

When do you think I’ll ovulate in July? 

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    The AVERAGE woman ovulates ABOUT 14 days BEFORE the next period is due.

    The egg only lives 12 to 24 hours - but sperm can live for about five days.

    Your next period would be due at around July 19 if you follow the 29 days.

    If you are "average" and ovulate about 14 days before that - it would be on July 5th.  (so yesterday)  (and if your cycle is only going to be 27 or 28 days this cycle - it might have happened on July 3rd or 4th)

    BUT - unless you are actually tracking all symptoms of ovulation - this is only guessing.  If you are trying to avoid pregnancy - this is NOT a good idea as a "birth control" method.

    If you are trying to get pregnant - then  you either need to track things to know for sure  or you need to make sure to have sex at least once every three days when you reach day 10 of your cycle until you are at day 17 of your cycle.  This should hit the fertility window.  If just trying to hit the fertility window without actually tracking doesn't give you results - then you may need to learn how to track actual signs of ovulation.  

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    You would have to start doing some temping, charting, and use OPKs to figure that out. Although the general rule of thumb is that women ovulate mid-cycle, the truth is that length of the luteal phase can vary woman to woman. For example, when I was TTC my cycle averaged 24-26 days, but I didn't ovulate on days 12 or 13. I tended to ovulate sometime between days 15-17, and my luteal phase was typically 10 days (follicular phase can vary, luteal phase is fairly consistent). That's a bit shorter than average, but I never would have realized it had I not started properly tracking my cycle.

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