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Does my boyfriend have chlamydia ?

recently i went to the doctor for what i thought was bv. they swabbed me down there and a day later the results came back positive for chlamydia , which was the absolute last thing i expected it to be. it took awhile for me to come to the conclusion my boyfriend gave it to me as he has been my only sexual partner for the past 4 months. assuming he got it from his ex girlfriend who is known for sleeping around and who had been sleeping around with other people when they were together , it took me a bit of time to actually believe he really did give it to me. well anyways when I found out i did the responsible thing and let him know to go get tested. he didn’t believe me at first because i guess he hasn’t shown any symptoms or anything wrong (except for a bad uti in early March) and that was the last thing he’d expected as well. he’s suppose to be getting his results tomorrow and i just can’t help but feel as if he doesn’t have it and that im yknow, giving him false statements which is the last thing I want to do. so to be clear if he’s the only person ive had sex with and i was clean before, he absolutely was the one to have given it to me yes? 

idk why it’s hard for me to come to terms with because i never thought either of us would be in this predicament...i guess that’s why they always say use protection no matter what. noted. believe me i won’t make that mistake again. 

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    Maybe you were infected much longer than you thought.


    "However, it is possible for symptoms to develop months or even years after infection, especially if you develop complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (in women) or epididymitis (in men). In many people, chlamydia never causes any symptoms."

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    It's not normal for men to have UTI's. It's more common in women who have a shorter urethra and so it's a shorter distance for the bacteria to get introduced into the bladder compared to the male. 

    STI's are called STI's because not all result in symptomatic disease STD's. It can be asymptomatic for a long time. 

    Forget about playing detectives and be happy you have a competent doctor who did things right. I am not sure about your boyfriends doctor. 

    I am an old guy but just remember that young people have raging hormones and boys will say anything in order to get into your pants and lie. Don't rely on somebody's word. Always use protection or risk the consequences. The risk of chlamydia is sterility for you. You will live through the stigma of having a social disease but what you don't want is the medical consequences that can come about. Hopefully you caught it in time and everything will be OK. 

    He should be treated or I wouldn't go near him. 

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