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How can I help my death pug?

My pug has been death for most but not all of his life. Before anyone tells me to take him to a vet I already have. 8 different vets and all they did take my money. One vet I spent around $2,000 and did everything I was told to do. Has any experience a death pug and how did you get his hearing back.  

His ears have to be clean 2 a week from yeast infections.  I usually use pet cleaner from the vet 

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    You may find more help on this issue on these sites :>>>

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    All of my dogs I have owned and now, I have taught sign language. My last Chihuahua started losing her hearing at about 10 years old and she learned so much, walk, eat, ride, come, away, sit, down, and more, never to old to learn as they say. 

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    Learn & teach sign language to your dog.  You might try googling, 'working with a deaf dog',  you are bound to find something that you can work with.

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    You obviously mean your dog is deaf (can't hear). First, we found after many years, that a product called Vetericyn works very well to loosen any dirt or debris that might accumulate in the ear canal. We administered some in our Malamute's ears, waited a bit, and then the dirt just "slid out" with only a little help on our part. That, alone, may be of some help.

    You might ask the vet about some sort of anti-inflammatory medications, or antibiotics, in order to avoid episodes of vestibular syndrome.

    You could also teach your dog some sign language training or use a clicker if the dog can hear a little bit. 

    If it were my dog, I would probably want to know if there is damage to the ear drum, or if there is any inflammation going on that steroids or antibiotics might help. They should be able to tell you this from any exams they have performed. 

    You would need to actually explain what help you are looking for, in regards to this answer.

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    Dogs are never "DEATH". They might be DEAF as in loss of hearing or acting as if DEAD - if low energy - if not in fact truly deceased.

    CHANGE the DIET if the dog constantly has yeast infections. SUGAR FEEDS YEAST and grains or any other ingredients that contain ANY carbohydrates (that digest INTO SUGAR) will encourage or feed an already existing and out of control inner ear (YEAST) and possibly a body-wide overgrowth of yeast.  

    This means feeding either a grain-free kibble or BETTER a RAW diet of meat and bones.  For small dogs, it may be easier (less complicated for the average owner) to feed pre-made RAW diets vs trying to make your own.  

    Secondly, get the dog on pro and pre-antibiotics.  Yogurt is not strong enough per tablespoon (for this severe issue) so break open a Culturelle or Align pill over the food once a day.  These can help begin to regrowth GOOD gut bacteria - that normally help control yeast.

    Keep cleaning the ears - as instructed.  I have no IDEA if the hearing loss in your pug, is PERMANENT due to the constant ear infections - that is possible. I could not SAY if it will ever return - but the dog IS MISERABLE due to the wax, itching & ear infections so FIX THAT.

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    Death dogs should be laid to rest.

  • Anonymous
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    Your pug has been "death" most of its life? That's a first.

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