Netflix black screen with sound problem?

So I have a projector, because my tv is broken and I currently don’t have the money to buy the new one I want. I had a projector of €200 laying around as a back up and for movie nights with my boyfriend, and I recently started using it again. I don’t remember if I had this problem before but whenever I connect my iPad through an HDMI cable to the projector, and I start a movie or episode on Netflix, I get a black screen with sound.

I’m guessing it’s because they’re trying to prevent people from streaming to large groups of people from one account, which I completely understand, but I was wondering if I can do anything to still watch it? 

I already plugged in my Chromecast in the projector and streamed from there, which works fine, but I can’t connect a good speaker because my projector doesn’t support Bluetooth, so I have to use the speaker in the projector which is of really bad quality. 

Any tips/solutions to my first world issue?

1 Answer

  • Lance
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    How are you getting sound with the HDMI cable attached from the computer??? where is the sound coming out??? What speaker??? Attach the HDMI cable with out anything being on, then turn on the projector first then the computer...if not turn off the computer and then back on...if not ...start again this time turn on the projector first then the computer and also try turning off and back on the projector...Also try reversing the direction of the HDMI cable or use another HDMI cable hopefully 4.1 version with either net or a newer version....

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