Is Astronomy or Architecture a good career, if not then what would be a good one in a similar field?

I just turned 15 a few days ago and I thought that it would be about time to look into some careers for the future. For a little bit of a background, I am 15 and am going into sophomore year this year. I have a 4.0 GPA and that's with all advanced classes which includes pre-calculus and chemistry. I'm also a competitive swimmer with multiple college offerings. Lastly, for the last few summers I've been working underneath my dad who is a manager at an Aerospace Engineering Workplace so I have some experience (-ish).

With that said, I'm looking for some careers to go into that pay well and are fun/interesting. I've been looking into jobs that do with space and architecture because they most interest me. However, most of the jobs that have to do with space are in low supply with a lot of competition for the place. With the same going for architecture. I think that i would have a good shot at getting a job with what my background is but I'm not so sure.

Schooling is also another factor, I have a good chance at getting a full ride to a college from what my coach and parents to me. For an astronomy related job the average schooling is anywhere from 4-6 years, but it's also rated one of the hardest courses in college to take. The same goes for architecture.

With all that said, I just need some advice as to if I'm looking into the right direction, or if I need to seek other jobs? But if anyone has any advice on careers at all then that would be great?

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