How can I get my tattoo artist license when no one will hire me as an apprentice?

I want to become a tattoo artist, it has been my dream for years to do something with my art that will leave a mark on the world. I have been practicing on fake skins and I will probably continue to draw for as long as I can. I want to become a tattoo artist, but no place around me will hire me on. They wont even answer any of my questions. I keep getting told my work is junk by the tattoo artist, yet everyone else that sees it begs me to give them a tattoo. I have made a portfolio including my art as well as my fake skins. My story summed up on one page and even got a bloodborne pathogen certificate in the portfolio. They just throw it to the side. Now I have nowhere to go to get an apprenticeship but really want to become a licensed tattoo artist. what can i do? Please someone help me. I have so many people that really do love my work, but the tattoo shops shun me because they dont like the way I look or what ever they're reason is. Its wrong for them to do this to me. I really want this and have tried so hard only to be pushed away so many times. 

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    Have you ever told these artists that you practice on fake skin? This is a big NO as most see this is a bad practice. Did you attend the blood pathogens course? This should be seen as a good step tho but again, the artists in my shop say they want you to have a qualification in art. Nothing else since they want to train you or you you would have picked up bad habits. If they take on an apprentice remember most places will take on like 1 or 2 every couple years, it's difficult to get this hence why so many people end up doing DIY and setting up back alley shops. Just gotta keep trying or look further away I'm afraid. And avoid tattoo schools - they are a con

  • 3 months ago

    find tatoo artists online who have a similiar artstyle as you or are in a similar situation and reach out asking for advice. they will probably know your situation better and people like to give advice.

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