How can I save money on shipping and handling?

I am relocating and will be shipping moving boxes to my new residence in the new city.

Is the cost typically determined by the size of the box ?

Or does weight more so determine it's cost?

Which postal service is the most cost efficient ? USPS , UPS or FedEx ?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Weight and size does matter. Except for the one price USPost Office boxes, but they don't hold much as the sizes available are not large. 

    If the location is a common place people travel, perhaps you can hire a driver to delivery your boxes to your new place. Calling a shipper to deliver will most likely be less expensive than using the Post Office or UPS.

  • You can't! Everything cost money depending on the quantity.

  • 1 month ago

    It varies with the seller and the carrier. 


    Pay attention to all of the details for each item you buy. 

  • 1 month ago

    Cost first on weight and where its going-they weight it at the PO then put in the zip, finally oversized boxes cost more.  Its hard to say which would be cheaper because it can vary so much or it may be so close that a few bucks arent worth running around to different places.  A moving company may even do "back of truck" where they piggy back your stuff onto a bigger shipment for a smaller fee. YOu would have to call those. I usually ship USPS or UPS as its easier than going to fed ex for me, so that overrides cost. You could see if their webs lists some approx costs

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