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How much does car insurance cost?


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  • Shay
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    4 weeks ago

    That really depends on WAY too many things to even guess.

    Depending on the insurance company, many of the following things  are considered when determining what you pay for insurance each month:

    1.  Your age - age is a huge factor in determining risk - the younger you are - the more you pay.

    2.  Your gender - yes - gender is considered - a man is more likely to pay more than a woman.  Men tend to drive faster is one of the reasons.

    3.  Your driving history - if you have had tickets or accidents in the last three to five  years - you will pay more for insurance.

    4.  Your location - If you live in a bigger city - you will pay more for insurance than if you live in a small town.  (more traffic in bigger cities - higher risks.)

    5.  Your credit score - yes - a good credit score gets you better insurance rates.  A bad credit score gets you horrible credit rates.  (I had a financial hardship one year - and when my new insurance policy came up for renewal - my insurance rates had made a HUGE jump because my credit score had tanked from my financial hardship.  I found a company that actually didn't put as much emphasis on credit score and got a better rate - shop around if you have credit issues)

    6.  The vehicle you drive will affect your insurance rate - even if you not carrying full coverage - the vehicle you drive will still affect what you pay.

    7.  If you want full coverage on your vehicle - that WILL cost more and it WILL be greatly impacted by the value of the vehicle you are driving.

    8.  Marriage - being married can lower your cost.

    9.  Distance to your job - if you are going to use the vehicle to go to work or school on a regular basis - the distance to your job is a factor in determining your risk and insurance rates.

    I probably missed a few things - but as you can see - there are MANY things that are considered when quoting a price for insurance.  Get your information together and make some phone calls to local agents or check some websites and shop around until you find a policy with the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

    Personally - I do not pay my insurance by the month.  Most companies will give a discount if you can pay for at least three months at a time.  Some companies offer six months or even one year at a time as payment options.  I pay my full auto insurance cost all at one time for a full year.  If I did pay it monthly - it would be about $100 per month - I have two  vehicles - one with full coverage - one not on full coverage - I am married and my spouse and I are both over the age of 50.  I also live in a small town.

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    Hundred of dollars 

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