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Why are there so few people who reject both woke lives matter and orange Hitler?

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    1 month ago

    Because the ruling elites are trying to get us into 2 controlled camps that they both control, and that lead to a similar place. They're also trying to balkanize us on a cultural level with socio political tribalism and identity politics. When an empire conquers another country, they often stir up dissension to keep the people divided and easier to control. 

    Basically they're doing to us what our shadow government has been doing to the middle east. They're looking for an excuse to declare martial law in response to a civil war, and they want us to hate each other so much that we'll look away when the government drags people away to concentration camps. 

    The goal is to have America be sucked dry and auctioned off piece by piece to the highest bidder, becoming a welfare state. If that means making us fight so that eternal martial law is declared, so be it. If said dictatorship does so much bad stuff it urks the ire of the more globalist minded nations of the UN and they invade us the same way the allies invaded Nazi Germany (because the same people controlling them made us like Nazi Germany at home) and then use that as the nail in the coffin of national sovereignty, they might do that. 

    They're weighing their options and seeing what conflict they can start and who will come out on top. Then they'll present themselves as rulers of such movement (communist, fascist, whatever). Think Palpatine in Star Wars, how he rose to power. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I reject everyone. Including myself. We are all sheep following whatever herd until our death.

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