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How many inches of fat could I have lost?

I've lost 25 pounds since April, going from 175 to 150 at 5'5. I currently wear a 31 inch waist and it's actually pretty loose on me. But before this, I couldn't even dream of fitting in them. I wore a 36 and sometimes a 38. Does 25 pounds make that much of a difference?

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    Every 10 pounds represents approximately one inch of waist size. Location of fat loss depends on the location of fat and physiology - if you are male or fenale. Males often carry weight in the front of the belly and I I'll see their waist size change quickly. If one of the weight-loss methods includes eliminating wheat, excess carbs,  and beer then the loss is even more dramatic. Some males gain weight on the he belly but nowhere else.

    If you are a girl then fat is distributed to many body areas (waist, belly, butt, thighs) and you don't always get the same dramatic waist results. However if weight was from sugar, carbs, and alcohol then she will also see dramatic changes in the waistline. 

    Finally, you lose the most weight at the beginning of any health program. It's possible you weighed more than 175 at the beginning and you lost 30 pounds. So your size change is well within the realm of reality. So kudos and keep up the good work. Whatever you are doing is working and working well. 

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    That is great, dont lose wt to fast it will only come back on. be proud of yourself

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