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Can masturbating to porn, cause erectile dysfunction?

I know that you can’t get E.D. from masturbating in general.  But what if he’s constantly masturbating to visual aids?  Can that cause him to lose interest in actual intercourse?  Will his stamina build up if he quits porn cold turkey and ONLY uses his imagination?

Unlike drinking and smoking, masturbation is encouraged.  But is masturbating to porn frowned upon in the sense that it’s unhealthy (like cigarettes/alcohol), except MENTALLY unhealthy, and that he should quit the porn?  This can be difficult if he doesn’t have a girlfriend, thus his need to look at naked women either having sex (videos) or posing (pictures).

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    It's not actually erectile dysfunction because your penis can still physically become erect. Your brain is your biggest sex organ and can be desensitized by too much porn, it gets bored and it takes more extreme stuff to get you excited. It really doesn't have anything to do with your penis, it's all in your head. Taking a break from porn can help remedy this problem.

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    if you have to watch porn its cause u probably already do

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    It's ALL BULLSHIT!!! Trust me.

    With/Without a girlfriend, I have popped out a knuckle baby basically everyday since I knew that my dick popped up, hahaha.

    My stamina is like an 18 year old's.

    So Masturbation is not going to make you go limp.

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    Access of everything is harmful for health. 

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    Mordern porn can be extremely addictive.  This is  because, unlike times past, it's on the internet, and as such the  people who own porn websites get instant feedback on everything they post by simply by measuring the number of mouse clicks and the time viewers spend watching.  Thus they can constantly polish and adjust their product to get the most views for the most time,  and unlike printed material,  if something is unpopular, or doesn't work,  they know it instantly and  they can simply take it down and post something else.    


    I  believe an addiction to modern porn can be extremely destructive.  The appeal of porn is that it's always "better" than what you can find in real life,  the people are always perfect, and they require no committment, and no effort at communication.   In fact you never even have to talk to another individual or leave your house, and there are no messy "morning after" thoughts. I think anyone should definitely try to kick a porn addicition.     

    I don't know "him" or you, and as  I'm not a professional, and I can only tell you what I think I might do in a similar hypothetical situation, and I want to emphasize that all that follows is just my opinion only, based on what I think I might do under ideal circumcstances.   Therefore take all that into account when reading what follows.   


    I would try to communicate with him, and ask him if he really likes the way his life is going right now, and what he is doing now as far as masturbation.  I would emphasize that he is being used and manipulated by some  very cynical, greedy people online who don't care about him,  but only about the money they can make by using him to generate mouse clicks.  I wouldn't demand an answer, or response  but tell him to think about it and emphasize that I didn't want to stop him from masturbating completely, just help him to get it under control. IMO:  1-3 times a day is normal for males,  and more is excessive.  If it's a lot more, then I think it is probably taking over his life,  and he is willingly letting the people who create Internet porn ruin his life, and in fact even helping them.   I think I would monitor his internet usage, and try to determine when, how much and how often he is looking at Internet porn, and try to get it under control.  If he must have something to look at,  I might suggestr artistic nudes,  like Maxfield Parrish's "Stars."   I would check to see if there are any 12 step programs in his area that are dedicated to kicking a porn addiction,  and see if I can get him enrolled. 

  • 3 months ago

    todo el mundo mira porno

    los hombers o adolescente son los que mas consumen hoy en dia

    mas que mal, es una adiccion

    muchos chicos luego presentan consecuencias

    donde explican que no pueden mantener una ereccion en el sexo o en la masturbacion si es que no ven porno

    y necesitan del porno para poder excitarse

    lo que no deberia ser asi

    no siempre tendras porno a mano para conseguir una ereccion

    y no a todas las chicas les gusta ver eso

    asi que es mejor q consigas una ereccion por cuenta propia y no por ayuda visual

  • Andy C
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    3 months ago

    Of course!  Exactly the problem causing most modern cases of juvenile erectile dysfunction. 

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