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What would you say America be like if a Libertarian or Green would win the Presidency?

I think nothing because the Senate and House would be controlled by the two major parties so in essence they would have to pick a side my guess a Libertarian would side with Republicans and a Green would side with Democrats and then they'll have to govern as a member of that party so really nothing would change ie no palpable difference 

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  • Bill
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    3 months ago
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    A libertarian president would force republicans to make a tough decision that I suspect they will end up getting wrong. The thing is the republican party has been lying to their voters for years about supporting small government and to the most part they get away with that lie, but if a libertarian president came along he would force them to make a decision to either vote for laws that promote a small government or reject those laws and appear to support large government. 

    A green party president would offer a similar challenge to democrats and again I suspect they will fail it. Running around saying you support green policies is far different than actually doing it. Sure, they throw money to green energy corporations, but that is only because they get a kick back for doing it. If they had to actually stand by it however in a real meaningful way it would hit their pocketbooks hard and I can't imagine the corrupt democratic party would stand for that. 

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    According to one meme I saw on here the only way we will be flying on the starship enterprise is if we embrace socialism even though virtually every major advancement has occurred in capitalist societies. 

  • Matt
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    3 months ago

    Better than it is now. Let’s face it, it can’t get any worse

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