What are some common baby name practices, involving racial identity?

To make a long question short : Is it quite far fetched that a white family would name their newborn daughter Shamika ?

I can imagine this happens , although quite rarely  ( one in a million)

Is a black family more prone to use "white sounding" names , in hopes of bettering their child's future , career options and avoid their child being judged? Because Forester looks better on a job resume , as opposed to De'Tyrone.

Are there black women with names like Elizabeth , Rebecca, Becky,  Karen?

Second Question: Can Americanized names be found in non-english countries?

If I travel to India , Saudi Arabia or Japan , what are my chances there of meeting an Amanda or a Jessica ?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    ... amanda and jessica ? HAHAHAHAHAH in japan ? ahahhahaha in india ? AHAHAHHAAHHA  in FREAKİNG ARABİA ???* AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA pls tell me did you go to  school ? ahahhahahahahahahahahah

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