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My boyfriend is too clingy and never gives me space ?

My boyfriend ALWAYS wants to hold my hand everywhere we go and kiss me and hug me all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that but he does it so excessively. I get mad at him and tell him I don’t want to and tell him I want my space and all I get from him is “but I’m your boyfriend” not to be rude but he should respect when I need space especially when he’s that clingy. He always needs to be right next to me and always close to me I feel so like suffocated. I try to tell him but he thinks that just bc he’s my boyfriend it shouldn’t matter. He also says I love you way too much again there’s nothing wrong with saying it once or twice a day but he will say it too me 10 times in about 20 mins. It gets so frustrating bc I don’t like being close to him 24/7. How can I mention this without hurting his feelings bc he takes it the wrong way

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    Youa re lucky that you have a boyfriend. I wish I had a clingy bfriend who loves me that much

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    You have to reward positive behavior and punish bad behavior. You don't have to tell him off every time he crosses the line. You can just reward him when he does behavior you like, if he doesn't hug you or touch you excessively for an hour or two give him a deep kiss and cuddle with him. If he is being excessive give him the cold shoulder. He will associate "Giving her space" to getting more action. And associate "Being too clingy" to getting the cold shoulder. So if you do it , it will start off small like an hour or two of peace before he starts acting clingy. If you work at and reward positive behavior he will then give you more space. If it gets too far, a point where he is spending too much time away you give him the cold shoulder and he will then try to figure out what is the proper amount of attention to keep you happy. 

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    Everyone dream for so much attention. When you go in the sun ,will realise goodness of shadow.

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