A cop stops me asking who sells me weed, and they don't believe that I don't know the person's name can I go to jail for it?

Got stopped other day, and I had zig zags because sometimes I make blunts and sell them. Now, I have never been actually traditionally "introduced" to this dealer. Just know the general area she lives. Back to the story at hand; the cop doesn't believe me that I don't know this person's name. He goes through my phone and can't find her. He then says he can cuff me for conspiracy, but could he really? I had no marijuana on me; I only had the zig zags. Could I have been cuffed for just having that?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The cop was just trying to intimidate you.  If he couldn't find marijuana on you, he has no right to arrest you or hassle you.

    When people are arrested for serious crimes, like murder or extortion or kidnapping or something, they're sometimes offered a deal for a milder sentence if they rat on the others.  But it's the court that does this, not the cops!

    In fact, you could have refused to let the cop look through your phone.  (It might not have made a difference.)

  • 1 month ago

    Why were you stopped?

    BTW, Cops don't have time for small time tokers, troll failure!

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