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I just passed cell biology with a c after studying for a crazy amount of hours. ?

I am one class away from a biology degree. I need to take biological chemistry. Any advice on how to prepare for it? I really want to do well and start studying in advance. 

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    It would be helpful to know why you only managed a C in Cell Bio. Were you studying the wrong things? Were you lacking some fundamental concepts? Were you not able to figure out what the instructor wanted you take away from each section? HOW did you study all those hours? What processes did you use in studying? Did you visit with the instructor about how to improve your studying for the class? After an exam, did you try to relearn the concepts/ideas/information that you had missed?

    For biochem, it can be taught with a biological emphasis or a more chemical emphasis, depending on the instructor. There will be certain amounts of stuff that most instructors will want you to simply memorize (structures and features of the amino acids and other molecules). You will likely need to deal with pH, Ka, pKa as they relate to buffer solutions and to the ionization states of amino acid side-chains. So, I would go back to general chemistry and refresh your understanding of those. The concepts of nucleophiles and electrophiles from Organic chem will raise their heads many times in biochem. You might want to go back and look at those ideas so that you can apply them to biological molecules. Nucleophilic substitution reactions are huge in biochemical reactions.

    I would encourage you to figure out why you didn't to well in Cell, and then making flash cards for the memorizing terms and structures, and if you can, studying with one or two other people to test each other on concepts.

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