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Do you think I am racist for not appreciating Beyonce's music or other black celebrities who have inflated egos and personalities?

I am a huge fan of rock and metal some of my favourite bands have or had black singers, guitarists and  drummers etc. I also like lots of black actors and actresses too. However what I can not stand is when the likes of Beyonce complain about not winning a Grammy and call it being racist. Then you have all these people who claim to support the Black Lives Matter movement but sit there in their mansions. If they cared about real issues of everyday black people they would donate some of their money to these causes instead of bitching and moaning about being miss treated in the entertainment industry. If we start handing out token awards to people just on race and not merit isn't that more racist?  

I mean take the band Linkin park (RIP Chester) they had / have a black rapper / singer. They didn't care about recognition or winning awards. Heck they didn't even care what the fans thought when they strayed away from the nu metal sound.    

It's just I find that the more famous you get the more recognition you think you deserve. Maybe the music industry doesn't want to award a Grammy to someone who sings about shaking their *** getting groupies and smoking weed. That and winning an award just to sing a song that 20 people had to write for you, is that fair? 

So my question is because I don't care for trashy black celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye west, Niki MInaj, Cardi B etc does that make me a racist?


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  • 3 months ago

    True story:

    I appreciate her t*ts, lips, legs, a$$ and what I perceive her pus$y to look like. I am not very into black women. But tying her up and slapping them **** around - mmmmm.

    I am not racist. I don't think I ever heard any of her songs.  I'd like to *** on her face though. I wasn't really sure who she was until I googled her just them a moment ago.

    I am not a fan of hollywood in general....

  • 3 months ago

    No.  I enjoy many black artists, especially old Motown songs, but do not enjoy Beyonce. I'm not a young girl.

  • 3 months ago

    Well you're not judging the performance on the race they have, more the personality, so it's not racist.

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