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I get easily bothered by bff but not by others?

I have a best friend, we're like sisters. I have a real life sister and female cousins who are close, but for some reason, it is only my best friend whose actions or lack of action in certain situations warranting it bothers me a lot. I get really sensitive when she does something I don't like. Although I don't like if my real sister or cousins do something I don't appreciate, it ESPECIALLY bothers me to an abnormal extent if my best friend does it. It shouldn't be a big deal, but why am I so insecure when it comes to my bff and I? I end up voicing my botheration to her so many times that she has suggested we don't be friends anymore because it seems she ends up causing me hurt. But I DON'T want to break the friendship, ever. I just want to be normal around her, not be sensitive and abnormal. I want to easily let go of things she does that bothers me, like I do with others like family members. Thank you.

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