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How can I make getting wealthy my first priority when I have mental health concerns want to be mentally stable too ?

I'm on 10 weeks challenge with 10 people to set 10 goals then we cut them to five then to three then finally to one top Priority goal that we will focus on for 10 weeks it toke me three hours to cut from 10 goals to five but then I got stuck between two options getting rich my first Priority or being mentally stable? I have mental health concerns I have experienced social anxiety,  depression and ADHD and I'm doing mentally ok now not at my worst but I see signs of them coming back and when they come back its like my whole chemistry change and I cant control them by myself can you help me with finding out what should be my top Priority thank you 

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    There was a very elaborate long-term study that found out what traits in children predict success. It studied children and followed them into their thirties. IQ is not the best. Emotional intelligence and the ability to stay focused on what you're doing despite distractions and emotional turmoil are more important. See Daniel Goleman on emotional and social intelligence. Other good author is Dale Carnegie. 

    The video is a talk by psychologist Emma Seppala of Stanford, who drew the attention of fellow psychologists and veterans with her pioneering study of a PTSD treatment. She talks about her book, The Happiness Track, which is based on extensive study of successful people.

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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