Can Chelsea find a GENUINE replacement for Eden Hazard ?

still waiting lol

find a like for like replacement and then I'll take them seriously as title challengers 2020-21

until,  title will be fought between us and city.

outside bet chelsea and dark horses man united.

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  • Ryan
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I'm actually very serious about this answer, had Man United signed Bruno Fernandes last summer instead of being tight with their money United could have been battling Man City for second place. I don't think anyone was gonna challenge Liverpool this year but United I feel could have done enough to finish 2nd with Bruno there since the start. Since he joined they look like a team getting ready for a trophy. Will they be able to keep it up next season? I don't know but if Bruno stays fit they are guaranteed top 4 I think even though I expect Spurs to improve, Chelsea have been busy in the market, I think Leicester will drop off but Wolves might still be up there and Everton could challenge. Maybe Arsenal they've had better fortunes recently but I don't think they're good enough. If Man City are banned from Europe nobody else is getting that title it's too easy for City. I expect Pep to stay as next season only starts 2 weeks after this one ends so Pep will be there, I don't expect any key players to leave also for that reason as well as some clubs won't be willing to pay up at this time. Anyway for Chelsea they don't need a like for like replacement for Hazard they look like they are building their team I think they need better improvements at the back but going forward Giroud has signed on for another season, Abraham has been getting goals, Werner is coming in, Pulisic is there, Willian might extend his contract he's been great recently, Barkley is doing well recently, Mount is having a great season, Ziyech is coming in from Ajax he's a real dangerous player, Hudson-Odoi is still there, Gilmour has looked great for his age, Kovacic, Loftus-Cheek, Jorginho, Kante is an amazing players doesn't get enough plays for his attacking contribution because he's so great defensively but he can play football, their full backs are great in attack as well. Am I missing anyone? Batshuayi maybe as well but he is expected to leave but as 4th choice striker he's a handy option for cup games or 10 minute cameos in league games to keep the key men fit but I think he will be sold. When you look at the centre backs I don't think anyone of them are good enough really when you have a team as good as chelsea will be going forward you need a solid foundation. The midfield is strong enough defensively especially because of Kante but one good centre back could make a great difference. We seen it at Liverpool, Liverpool had great midfield, great attack but they brought in VVD and it didn't matter if he partnered Lovren or Matip or whoever he really sorted them out at the back. Koulibaly is a name often thrown around when a big club is looking for a defender but maybe he's worth the punt for Chelsea. Is anyone good enough available I don't know koulibaly could cost up to 100 million. Is there a cheaper option within the league? VVD and Maguire cost Liverpool and United a lot so even still it's not that cheap. Is it worth taking a gamble on maybe Tarkowski from Burnley or someone from a defensive team like that then maybe but they need a new CB someone who can slot in right beside anyone like VVD did at Liverpool. They could do with more depth at the full back positions as well but for this season sign up a centre back get that sorted and the team will be great. Not sure about Kepa in goal either I've seen him make great saves but he is prone to dodgy spells and seems to have a bad attitude 

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    she might do that

  • August
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    They have an American who has the natural ability of an athlete who may one day become as good - Christian Pulisic

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