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Vegan allergic to soy?

I recently found out I am mildly allergic to soy by doctor allergy testing and food intolerance, I'm also allergic to carrots mildly as well. Which is so sad about. How is this going to affect my diet? What can I eat? Thank u

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    When I was vegan I didn’t drink much soy. I had Oat milk rice milk cashew milk. Peanut butter. Potatoes. Olive oil. Crisps. All other vegetables except carrots. Fruit 

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    eat beans and lentils.  I do and my blood test showed my protein level is fine.

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    Are you allergic or intolerant?   Two different things.   Your doctor didn't educate you very well.

    There are gazillions of foods of plant origin.   I have no clue why these two things are such a big deal unless you are someone who buys a lot of processed convenience vegan foods.  

    Gazillions of people prepare vegan entrees for health reasons even if they don't adhere to a vegan diet 100% of the time.    Many never buy or cook with soy.   

    Sorry, but I do not have the time or inclination to make you a list of all the vegan sources of protein and then cross off soy.   

    Nor do I have the time or inclination to write you a complete list of vegetables and then cross off carrots.

    Gazillions of people have mild food intolerances.  So what?   Many people have mild reactions to cucumbers, strawberries, whatever and then decide to eat them anyways every now and then.

    You sound like a delicate flower who doesn't know how to cook.

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    Peanut butter

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    That is your body telling you that soy is a toxin. (Soybean) is toxic. Intolerance is a different issue. But allergic reactions are not to be messed with. Stop eating soy. Foods with Soy in them are never healthy. It does not benefit you in any way. Eat lots of meat to heal yourself in general. 

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