Am I asexual?

I think I might be gray-ace. Sometimes I think sex is disgusting and sometimes I think it might be ok. Sex scenes in movies are gross too me and I don’t like them. I do not watch any gross sex movies because they are very disgusting to me. 

If I have a crush it’s on someone of the opposite sex and I imagine being friends with them and spending time with them. Occasionally I like the idea of intimacy but it’s pretty rare. I used to curious about sex when I was younger (like 16) but now I’m a few years older and I don’t understand the hype. But I do think maybe if I really liked the person I would like it and I’m still curious what it feels like that makes people like it so much even though most of the time it is cringe to me.

Am I asexual? Or at least gray ace (asexual-ish?)

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  • 1 month ago

    "I don't care about sex" is literally the mark of an asexual identity. THIS SAID, I consistently find binaries to be unsatisfying, so I posit either a 5-point or 7-point scale.

    On the 7-point scale, a 1 (or 0 if you want to include it) would be absolutely asexual. The best example might be Spongebob, who is admittedly flamboyant/flaming as all ****. But he literally loves all his friends equally and loves his friends as friends nothing more. Either a 1 or 2 would be Kipp (from Futurama)...the matter is kind of confused because his species can be impregnated by contact with someone else's cells, but from a sexual-attraction standpoint it's clear that sex itself isn't something he's interested in even though his girlfriend in the series, fellow side-character Amy Wong, is typically presented (positively) as a sex-fiend.

    Meanwhile, any memetic-sex-god like David Bowie or Freddie Mercury, or even Zapp Brannigan would place around a 7, maybe a high-6 if we're being conservative.


    A 5-point scale would be a lot similar, but could offer better nuance with decimal-values albeit at the cost of bunching characters closer together.

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