When using no filer tool to recieve stimulus check, how long can it take to recieve payment?

I filled out proper non filer tool in order to recieve my stimulus check by may 13 and i put current billing info but after weeks, no sign of a stimulus check. I'm wondering if anyone is in my same shoes and if youve only recently recieved it? Idk why it would be taking so long. I recieved the no further work is necessary on my part message everytime I check the status option; as the get my payment wont work due to not enough info because i havent filed my taxes in years. Please help shed light. 


1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Still haven't gotten jack from traitor trump ( he decided to delay the checks so  he could have his name printed on them). Says was mailed on may 15.  Nothing was sent according to the post office.  Probably had the money laundered to pay his criminal friends 

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