Where do I find a professional narrator to narrate the contents of a book to become an Audible book? Generally speaking, what are the fees?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Fees vary. But think of it this way:

    the narrator is going to take a number of hours to do so. He/she has a certain level of skill. The higher the level of skill, the more his/her time is worth.

    So, start at about $75 per hour, for a reasonably competent reader. Well known ones will charge higher; less competent ones will charge less. Reading time is about 10,000 to 15,000 words per hour (so a 50,000 word book will take about 4 hours). Multiply the hours by 2.5 (to allow for re-doing parts, editing and continuity). Now multiply by the hourly rate.

    This should put you into the ballpark for a professional reader's fees.

    Note that there may also be a royalty associated with the person, but that's geared to the sales generated.

  • 1 month ago

    Start with acx.com, which I recommended in my answer to one of your previous questions.

    You state how much you're willing to pay, and narrators take that into account when deciding whether to audition. You can either pay PFH (per finished hour), where you pay a lump sum for the narrator's work and don't have to pay anything after that, or you can do it as a royalty share, where there's no upfront cost, but you split the profits with the narrator.

    To get a rough idea of how many finished hours the book will be, divide the word count by 9000.

    The best narrators on ACX usually want around $200 to $250 PFH. If you offer less than $100 PFH, you're likely to get only the inexperienced or desperate narrators.

    If you offer the job as royalty share, most of the people who audition will be the inexperienced or desperate ones. Those who aren't will want to see some evidence that the audiobook is likely to sell well - i.e., the book has already sold well in ebook and print, or it's a new release from someone whose previous books have sold well.

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