How is asking questions about yourself is likely a violation?

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  • Scott
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    1 month ago
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    It might be construed as a member call out violation.  Even if it is not a violation, those kind of questions are usually unanswerable. For example, “Am I pregnant?

    Strangers online would not know the answer.

  • 1 month ago

    In most cases, they end up being chat violations. Forms like "Am I", "Do I", etc are usually chat violations. Don't ask the personal case, ask the general. "Can a 17-year-old female" or "Do most teens". Also, most personal questions, can not be answered.  We do not know you, the other people, or the situation. You can not give us enough detail to give a good answer. Most users are looking for questions they can answer with facts, not advice for the lovelorn. Your questions are better asked to your Mom, Aunt, or older sister. Even your Grandmother could do better than the users on YA.

  • It depends on the question you ask.  There are many reasons for it and some people just make it up so they can report it. I noticed in the last 12 hours a large number of good questions have been reported and removed.  I do not know who is doing it but its a shame and another good reason some want us to leave.  If your question is reported you should appeal it using the help menu and see what happens.  Points mean nothing these days.  

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