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Why do feminists love to proclaim to men how independent they are and empowered they are, even when they aren’t?

I see it all the time amongst college aged girls or recent graduates who claim how independent they are and empowered they are and they. Meanwhile they are drowning in student loan debt, they work a low paying part time job unrelated to their college major, their parents pay their rent for their apartment, they still live at home with their parents or a combination of the four. How exactly how are you so independent? Once you start wanting to get married and have children, how is your low paying career going to allow you to do that? So you’ll have to rely on a man to help support you financially. But then you aren’t so independent and don’t need no man then? Yea...

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    Feminism, like what women say when they say what they want in a man, should be ignored when it comes to figuring out the truth about feminism (or about the women). Figure it out for yourself. That's not all that hard to do. Feminism makes it easy. They don't care about equality of rights, nor about equal outcomes, nor about women's rights (listen to their silence when it comes to Islam). They seem to only care about attacking western norms. 

    Why? B/c they hate the west. While, like all progressives, being unwilling to LEAVE. Which is sad b/c I think conservatives would be more than happy to buy them one way tickets to the non-western country of their choice. 

    So yeah, feminist: "We're super powerful and we don't need no man!".

    Also feminist: "Men, here's a list of our demands and if you don't do them, we'll nag you and maybe pout and try to guilt trip you.". 

    I swear, MGTOW needs to form it's own nation of lumberjacks and computer programmers. 

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    There IS a big issue in this country with people who still live off their parents claiming how "free" and "independent" they are. But the answer to that is to impress on parents the need to start 529 college savings accounts the moment you have a baby (like we did) and to not study Icelandic Folk Dancing and think you're going to land a six figure salary out of it. The answer ISN'T to force all young women into abusive marriages with men they won't be happy with. 

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    In got there was a quote ‘any man who keeps saying ‘i am the king’ is no true king’.

    Its like that. The real independent women dont say it but you lnow from their behaviour. Those are the real attractive women.

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    College aged students aren't living an independent life, until they are no longer relying on their parents for payouts.  Once you leave home, you have to get a job, so that you can afford to pay rent, bills food etc.  Only then are you classed as living independently.

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    i dont. i just joke about lorena bobbit

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    I have a 90k job lined up when I graduate and a Manhattan apartment. I think I'm doing okay :) 

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    Cool rant. Hope you feel better now

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