How do you hook up a dvd/vcr combo player to a tv that does not have a yellow cable connector?i hooked the hdmi dvd works but not vcr?

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  • 1 month ago

    If the TV does not have any analog connections, you cannot use old analog devices directly with it..

    Check the user manual for the TV - some types have analog inputs, but using different sockets and small adapter cables rather than have all the old-style connections built in to the TV.

    eg. On my Samsung, the composite and component inputs are tiny sockets on the TV and it comes with adapters you can plug in if you need them, that provide all the red/white/yellow etc. sockets.

    Each make & model of TV is different, an adapter cable is no use if the TV is not made to accept it.

    Some examples - check if you have anything similar with your TV:

    You can buy signal converters to allow an older analog device to work with an HDMI input.

    Be careful though, they are one-way; eg. analog (red-white audio and yellow composite video) input to HDMI output [what you would need]

    Or the other way -  HDMI input to composite output, which is no use to you.

    And some of the sellers don't even seem to know which is which.

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