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rabbit neutering?

does neutering stop marking even if theyre an adult rabbit and its a bit of a rabbit. hes only 10 months and is getting neutered in a month ;-;

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  • 3 months ago

    What do you mean by marking? If you mean spraying urine, then yes, neutering usually stops this behavior. However the sooner the surgery is performed, the better. He's been an adult for 4 months already. Some hormonal behaviors can become ingrained if one waits too long before neutering. 

    If you are referring to dropping the occasional poos about, that may decrease but only seldom disappears altogether. Whenever a rabbit is relocated to a new home or a new cage, they typically drop those dry poos about to mark their new territory. This is common whether or not they are fixed. 

    When first allowed to roam in an exercise area, it is likewise common for them to drop about those poos-- initially. Typically that will dissipate in time as they "own" the area.

    Source(s): https://rabbitsindoors.weebly.com (my website)
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