Just got offered a teaching position. Do you think it will be dangerous to teach with the coronavirus going on?

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    1 month ago
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    There are a lot of variables. How old are you? How is your general health? Few people under the age of 80 without preexisting conditions get very sick with COVID. The conditions that raise your risk are heart problems, lung/breathing problems, diabetes and obesity, in pretty much that order. Find out what the school system's plan is. Many schools are dividing students in to smaller groups, mandating masks, and putting in plexiglass shields for the teachers. Where in the country are you? Some places have very low rates of infection, and your odds of encountering someone with COVID are very low in those areas. 

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    it is dangerous to do anything involving close contact with people while CV19 remains a problem.  what are you going to do?  hide under a rock for the next year or two?

    more seriously, Australia did a study of transmission in school [before they closed the schools] -- out of 800+ persons who had contact in the schools with someone who tested positive, there were exactly two cases of transmission of CV19 to anyone and zero hospitalizations.  Kids, and the younger ones especially, seem to be much more resistant to CV19 and, perhaps, less contagious. [as compared to adults, especially adults over age 65]

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