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Do companies and workers like humble/modest workers or cocky/boastful/arrogant workers?

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    I am a small business owner. I have found that the employees that are cocky, boastful or arrogant are usually just trying to fake it. My best workers are generally humble, kind and knowledgeable. They don't have to boast.

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    I wasn't 'cocky/boastful or arrogant - but I was a damn good worker. I also came up with a lot of ideas (that the company adopted and still uses 30 years later!) The 'humble/modest workers kept their heads down because they didn't want to be noticed that they did very little. I know those 'humble' people caused me a lot of grief with their LIES. You can't tell me they were 'better' than me! So you want humble and modest while you struggle to keep your head above water - or have go getters who give you ideas to increase your profits? 

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    they probably like the nice ones

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