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Is it true that Aloe Vera plant could be a major cure for many diseases? It appears that Aloe Vera can help with a lot of health issues.?

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    "Is it true". 

    If you want the truth then present day standards involve scientific evidence and studies. That is the only way to determine "the truth". One assumes a person who is asking for the truth is questioning the efficacy rather than accepting word of mouth testimonials or persons assuming an authority position stating the benefits of Aloe Vera. That standard was from thousands of years ago. 

    Not saying it helps or doesn't help just that one usually accepts the word of others as helping and then they try it on their own. If it helps that is all they need. If the person is more skeptical and doesn't want to accept the word of others then google the condition and see if there are studies. the PubMed web site contains all the studies and put in Aloe Vera into the search box and you get 3,511 hits. Yes there are many varied conditions and diseases that studies have been done on but you would have to look up each condition in order to get the specifics. Cures? I doubt you will find many of those. 

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    5 months ago

    The gel inside an aloe leaf is good for minor skin irritation or damage, like sunburn, insect bites, blisters, etc. There's no evidence the plant has additional medicinal uses. Its claims to aid in calming IBS and reduce constipation have not been clinically tested that I can find.

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